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  • Shed the extra pounds safely and effectively.

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50 Pack Slim Patch

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Product Description

The Slim Patch is all-natural and 100% safe herbal patch developed to help your body shed fat safely and quickly. The Slim Patch is a safe and natural approach to weight loss that has become so popular among thousands of people all over the world.  Scientists and doctors are baffled by the unique and powerful way the Slim Patch helps break down fat cells and helps the body lose weight.  The Slim Patch is easy to use, easy to wear, safe, and efficient in removing excess fats in your body. The Slim Patch boosts your metabolism, suppresses the appetite, stimulates weight loss, regulates your body's blood sugar levels and prevents the body from absorbing fat. Apply the Slim Patch on any part of your body where fats are obviously stored and wait until the active ingredients on the patch enter and penetrate deep into your skin. The patch works on a trans-dermal process, which means that they deliver their natural ingredients to aid quick weight loss through the skin.

Apply One Patch Per Day. You may apply the patch on various areas, although applying the patch directly over the navel area will increase results. Apply each evening before you go to bed and remove the next morning.  Always drink plenty of water and keep yourself properly hydrated while wearing the patch.

Avoid using on sunburned, damaged skin, swollen, blemishes or inflamed skin.  Pregnant women, the elderly, hyperthyroid and hypothyroid patients and children should not use this product.  Stop using the products if you feel any discomfort.  Store in cool (room temperature) dry and dark conditions. For external use only.

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